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It’s Photo week at HQ, Hoddesdon

Just a quick note to let you know this week, 13th – 18th Nov, our friends at DE photo – Steve and his team, will be photographing everyone in class. It’s a great opportunity to take home a professional in-action image of your athlete.

We did this before, in ‘original’ HQ, if you’ve been with us a while you may recall. This time, with our new upgraded HQ we expect the pics to be even better. Plus, Steve will be set up more comfortably inside our reception area for you to view and purchase the prints, as you choose. They will be ready by the end of each class and printing is done there and then.

A few FAQ for you:

Q: I don’t want my child to be photographed

A: Absolutely fine, please make this known to the DE photo team on arrival at class and they will sort this.

Q: Can we buy the prints later online?

A: Technically yes, but we don’t advise this. This way you’ll need to pay postage and you can’t make any edits to frames, text, crops, editing pics etc (all of which you can do with Steve in person at class this week). Also, as a franchise business, Steve’s team do not receive income this way and as a fellow local small business, we’re keen to support the best we can.

Q: I haven’t time to look at the pics right now

A: No worries – you are welcome to pop back down anytime this week whilst we’re open to see them.

Q: Does tasking pics disrupt class?

A: A little, but we keep this to a minimum as obviously you are here to learn gymnastics! We do find the children enjoy the experience of having their picture taken though – and we’ll do it whilst practicing our skills anyways,

Q: Are the pics any good?

A: YES! Steve and his team know us well, having been at all of our events in recent years. You’ll find a great mix of action and smiling headshots. We love them.

Q: I reeeally don’t want to spend money on pictures right now.

A: We totally understand and there’s no pressure or expectation to from us at all. Enjoy taking them and head on out of class as usual.


Have a great week everyone and I’ll see you at class.

Kind regards and *click* cartwheel pics 🙂

Jennifer Page – Affinity Founder


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