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Whether you’re a seasoned superstar or just starting out on your movement adventure, our FAQs are here to make your experience smoother than a perfect cartwheel. Explore answers to the questions our coaches and teams get asked the most. 

Visit the Sapphire Info page for FAQs relating specifically to our Sapphire Elite cheer squad.

Class stuff

Overall, we encourage independent participation, as it creates the best learning environment for everyone. But we entirely understand there are times you want to see What’s going on. Viewing does depend on the venue. At Hoddesdon HQ, we’ve plenty of space in our reception area for you. At Goffs in Cheshunt, there’s space to have a quick look in but not to stay and wait during class. At Sheredes Primary, you can only view from the outside corridor. If you’ve a particular need, let us know and we can arrange something. We will usually invite you in to see parts of the class at the end of term.

Bring your athlete and collect them as on time as you can manage. Make sure they are dressed for the activity (soft clothing they can move in, all jewellery removed, bare feet for gym and parkour) and have a water bottle with them and have been to the toilet. Then relax! You do not need to stay during class unless we’ve advised otherwise.

Firstly, don’t worry. We will ALWAYS keep your child with us and safe until you get here. We will call you if you are more than 10 min late, to check all is well and when we can expect you. Do not worry if you can’t get hold of us on the phone at this time – during evening classes there isn’t always someone in the office so whilst we appreciate a call, do not worry if we are not able to answer. Concentrate on getting to us when you can.

Firstly, all are welcome here. We’re passionate about making everyone welcome, coaching to each person’s individual needs, and we’re well experienced in what this means. That being said, the majority of our classes are in an inclusive setting and the group dynamics are important for everyone’s best interests. Please raise with us anything that can help us better cater for your athletes needs. If we, or you, deem additional help is needed for your athlete to participate successfully, we may ask a parent/guardian to assist this in class. If we’re experiencing behavioural issues we can’t resolve ourselves in class, we’ll raise with you for your guidance. In the event of behaviour that endangers the class in anyway, we reserve the right to remove that athlete from class and recommend alternative, more suitable environments.

Yes we do. All our coaches are safeguarding trained and we have an external welfare officer you can raise any queries with. Contact Kat Smith on or call 07976 756646

No, you don’t have to, but we would appreciate an email just letting us know that everything is ok. 

You’ll also notice we’ve been welcoming lots of new members since moving to our new HQ, which is super exciting that we can offer our classes to more people and have them benefit from the sport we love. Some classes are already nearing our increased capacity, and some are still on their way. I wanted you to have a heads up on what you can expect classes to look like as we grow. We’re looking at having 30 approx in the gym per class, with 5 coaches. They will work in four apparatus groups, plus have our lead coaches free to support the whole class to their best.  We’ve been expanding our coaching team all year in preparation for this – you might have noticed! We’ve also been providing lots of training and continue to. Only ever improving is our game. So, we are confident that actually as we grow, you’ll have an even better class experience than we we did in our smaller classes upstairs at old HQ.  It does take time to bed in changes like these and for classes to settle. If you don’t agree with how this is going, please get in touch.

In the past, we operated with three groups, with each group practising on three different apparatus during a session. However, with our bigger gym space now available, we have transitioned to a four-group system. This change will allow gymnasts to work on just two pieces of apparatus per session. You might wonder why this is beneficial. Focusing on two apparatuses instead of three allows our gymnasts to spend more quality time refining their techniques and improving their skill sets. For instance, if a gymnast is learning a complex move like a handspring on the vault, this focused approach provides more dedicated time to break down each component of the move, ensuring a deeper understanding and mastery of the skill. Additionally, with more time on fewer apparatuses, our coaches can offer individualised feedback and corrections, tailoring each session to the unique needs and strengths of every gymnast. On certain occasions, we might decide to incorporate all four apparatuses in a single session. This might happen if a class is particularly quiet, ensuring that each gymnast still gets ample time to practice and perfect their skills on every piece of equipment or on a skill check week when coaches need to see gymnasts on every piece of apparatus. This change has meant that not all gymnasts have been able to go on the Bars or Beam each week, which we know to be a favorite for many. So after speaking to some of our gymnasts, parents and coaches, we have come up with a way to include either Bars or Beam into every session. This will begin after October half term.

We believe this revised structure will significantly enhance the learning experience for our gymnasts and pave the way for their continued success. We are committed to ensuring that every gymnast at Affinity Academy receives the best possible training, and we are confident that these changes are a step in the right direction.

Membership stuff

First up, come and chat to us. We can help solve most issues or recommend a more suited class for you if you would like to consider it. Once you are sure you’d like to leave, complete the cancellation form here.

Cancellation requests received between 1st and 15th (inclusive) of each month (i.e., minimum of 2 weeks’ notice), your direct payments will be cancelled, and the athlete can attend up until the end of that month. Cancellation requests received between 16th and the end of the month (inclusive), we may be unable to stop/cancel your payment being processed that month and the athlete can then attend up until the end of the following month.

No refunds will be given once the monthly membership payment is being processed and we will send you an email confirmation of your last class date.

Due to the nature of our monthly membership, please also note that a 2 month exclusion period occurs after you leave. Any athlete enrolling before the 2 months exclusion period has ended, we reserve the right to cancel your space and refund your payments. Athletes wishing to return to classes after their exclusion period, you can contact us for availability.

The majority of class are by age. We’ll contact you when it’s time to move up and let you know what the class options are.

We give current member priority on class choices. Have a look at our timetable for an indication on availability and email us to let us know what you’d like.

Progression and other activities

Firstly, we recommend asking them! Are they enjoying class, what have they learnt or practised recently, what do they like doing best, what is a challenge? Then from us, you can always ask the coach at class.

If this is tricky (sometimes we or you are busy at the end of class!) you can drop us an email to Include your athletes name and class and what information we can best help with. Feedback and progression means different things to us all, so here’s some ideas – how is my athlete behaving at class? What technical skills have they learnt? What have been their main achievements recently? What will they be working on next? What do they need to do to improve? How are they integrating into the class?

Have a look through the class pages on our main website for more info. Lots of our athletes move between our activities, or do more than one.

Our squads are by invitation, and we’re constantly monitoring and assessing the gymnasts within their current classes for this opportunity. Our coaches have a recommendation system in-house with our lead squad coach. We don’t like to do a separate trial as it’s kinda intimidating! If you are specifically interested, please do drop us an email to let us know. To note, we’re looking for a mixture of physical gymnastic skills for each squad, plus (and arguably more importantly) we’re looking for maturity and positive attitude to training.

Yes! We have our own annual in-house event – the Affinvitational. Plus our gymnasts and cheerleaders attend external competitions and perform at displays. If you’ve an event you’d like a performance at, let us know.

Yes – our own unique one. Check out the info here

We love that our athletes are keen to advance their skills by practising outside of class. We recommend this is kept to strength and conditioning work and well learnt, basic skills only. Please leave full skills or new skills to us in the gym, for two reasons. 1) Safety! We have all the gymnastics kit and equipment (and coaches) we do for good reason. 2) Good skill learning, if you teach yourself a poor technique, it takes us longer to teach you it correctly and progressively back at class.

If you can add strength and flexibility work at home, it will absolutely help progress and mean we can use our time in the gym for more skills. For this you don’t need much. We recommend taking a look at and also the folding mat from Ikea.

A panel mat, Ikea have a good one. Use unfolded for stretching and use folded up as a platform for things like bridges and cartwheel progressions.
Air mat – this is an inflatable that allows better shock absorption for tumbling basics and conditioning.
Bars – A chin bar for hanging and strength work You can choose to get a more gymnastic type bar for this, for which you’ll also need a mat underneath it
Beam – a floor beam for balance work and ankle strengthening.

All of this is entirely optional and our preference would be using a small mat to work on strength and flexibility only.


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