Prices and FAQs

How much do classes cost?

To keep it simple we operate a monthly direct debit membership fee to pay for classes. This means you don’t have to sign up and pay for a whole term in one go, and you only ever need to give one month’s notice if you wish to leave. By rolling everything into one monthly fee, you know how much you’re paying each month and there are no extra fees or joining fees, except the IGA fee paid annually for insurance – as explained in the FAQ below. There is also a trial period so you can make sure you love it.

Our classes still run on a termly basis, but payments are spread across all 12 months in order to help you and us with budgeting. We take all fees for the year (39 term-time weeks), class fees, badge / medal or certificate fees, club membership and roll it all together into one simple monthly fee, by dividing this across 12 months.

The monthly fee is based on the length of class you attend and are as follows:

Gymnastics, Parkour & Tumbling

  • 30 min class: £33.50 per month
  • 45 min class: £42.00 per month
  • 55 min class: £47.50 per month
  • 80 min class: £59.50 per month
  • Diamond Squad Gymnastics: £66.00 per month
  • Diamond and Emerald Support Class: £28.00 per month

Competitive Cheer Teams

  • 45 min classes £42.00 per month
  • 60 min classes £47.50 per month
  • 90 min classes £51.00 per month
  • 120 min classes £54.00 per month
  • 150 min classes £58.50 per month
  • 360 min monthly £46.50 per month
  • Elite Tumble £29.40 per month (discounted rate)
  • Stretch & Flex £29.40 per month (discounted rate)

The monthly direct debit is requested on 18th of every month, over 12 months. Depending when you start in the month, your initial payment may include a pro-rata payment for your first month. See our Terms & Conditions for more details. 


Curious minds deserve answers! We understand that you may have some burning questions about Affinity and what we offer. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below to provide you with the information you might want to know when joining us. 

Your monthly Membership fee includes:

  • Access to weekly classes (39 a year)
  • All stickers, badges, certificates, bandanas or medals (depending on type of class)
  • Regular member newsletter
  • Club annual membership
  • Ability to request feedback at any time
  • Priority in moving classes over new members

There is only one additional fee and that’s IGA annual membership. We don’t add anything to this fee, it is paid separately and then forwarded to them. It is paid on starting within the club and then annually in each academic year (in September). It is £14.49 for 2023-24 [£15.99 for Competition Squad gymnasts] .  It’s usually pro rata’d in April for new joiners mid year and it directly covers the athlete’s insurance for the sport.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Competitive athletes and gymnasts have additional costs associated when entering competitions, details of which are communicated in advance.

No! If we don’t have a space for you in a class on the day and time you want, we’ll add you to our mailing list (with your permission!). We update the timetable on our website with available slots every few weeks so these don’t always reflect the latest availability, however we’ll email everyone on our mailing list with our most up-to-date available slots. It’s first come first served to register for the class place that suits you.

Kind of! We don’t offer trial classes in the traditional sense, but we do hold free taster sessions and open days throughout the year, plus you can join us at any time completely risk free!

We of course want to make sure you are happy and your child enjoys class with us. Once there is an available slot at the class, location and time you want, we’ll ask you to sign up to a membership and pay relevant fees. However if you sign up and decide it isn’t for you after the first one or two classes, we’ll refund the rest of the fees paid without any fuss.

We do it this way to ensure your place at the class, location and time you want remains secure throughout and after your trial period. 

Join our mailing list for our latest updates and details of any taster sessions or open days we’re holding. 

Very often we get this question in relation to joining in classes or camps. The simple answer is: no!

Often, it’s asked from very warranted concern for a child being in a new environment. Or it’s from thinking that you HAVE to start gymnastics and related activities at a super young age. Or it’s from a wondering about being ‘good enough.’

We totally understand. But there are myths here.

Gymnastics and its related activities are NOT children’s sports. They are lifelong foundations of movement and full of joy and challenge and progression – for ALL of us. It’s not about being ‘good. – what is ‘good’ anyways?! It’s about enjoying the sport, what that does for you and where YOU choose to take it.

Concerns over a new environment? Yes that one is well warranted and for some a concern. However our environment is always a welcoming, supportive and engaging place so usually we see any concerns simply dissolve as soon as you’ve stepped through the door.

Our doors are open for both holiday camps and joining our classes, we’d love to see you.

We want to make things easy so you are welcome to wear whatever clothing you wish for class (as long as it’s appropriate for the activity!) – you don’t have to wear our uniform. But we do have Affinity clothing for purchase when you decide it’s right for you to join us in the team kit which can be purchased in the app/by logging in. But it’s NOT COMPULSORY! You’ll find that shorts/leggings and t-shirt is ideal. Leotards are even better and you are welcome to wear ANY type.

However please ensure any clothing is suitable for gymnastics and related activites. Clothes should be soft (no zips or fasteners or denim), well fitting (not too loose) and appropriate (please avoid strappy and low cut tops. Crop tops are ok but if you choose to wear this to class we ask that you also bring along a t-shirt – if our coaches need to support you physically during a skill we’ll ask you to cover your back and stomach for safety.)

The only exception to this is competitive gymnastics and cheer teams.

Instead of large termly bills, the monthly fee is requested on 18th of every month, over 12 months. Depending when you start in the month your initial payment may include a pro rata payment for your first month. Check out our Terms & Conditions for more detail.

Yes, it’s a great question. We don’t run term time classes in August so why am I being charged for it?

Well, it’s to do with the way we’ve organised our monthly membership. We took all fees for the year (39 term time weeks), class fees, badge fees, club membership and rolled it all together into one simple monthly fee, dividing across 12 months.

Here’s what you are getting by paying in August:

  • Lower monthly payments as the annual fees are split over 12 months and not 11.
  • Consistent billing all year round to aid household budgets.
  • Your place in your class safe and secure and ready for September.
  • All continued member benefits.

If you didn’t pay the August payment:

  • You’d have more classes than you’ve paid for across the year.
  • You would lose your class place.
  • We’d be out of pocket and we want to stay in business for you to be able to come to our classes!

We could have divided membership into 11 and not 12 payments. Maybe in future we might do this (actually our cheer teams now do this, to reflect the seasonality of their events). But the reasons for going for 12 payments are:

  • We don’t charge more in the months where there are 5 classes rather than 4. Or less where there are 3. So by that logic lets keep all monthly payments the same all year round.
  • It means the monthly payment is lower than if we divide by 11.
  • You and we can budget better knowing that it’s the same amount every month.

I hope this sheds some light on how this works and why we’ve structured our membership the way we have.

At Affinity Academy, we embrace the uniqueness of every gymnast. We recognise that everyone has their own learning style and pace, so we have designed our own award scheme to reflect and honour that individuality. 

Our commitment is to support each gymnast throughout their training journey with us, recognising and celebrating their individual achievements.

Plus the reward is a set of stunning Affinity stickers, badges, certificates or medals depending on the area of the club that you train.

Read more here

No! We believe gymnastics is a lifelong sport. Our teen classes are suitable for up to around 18 yrs of age then we will be introducing adult class opportunities for those older.

If you’d like to read our Terms and Conditions (we promise that they’re explained in easy to read terminology!) It covers more questions like:

  • Can I still pay by cash or cheque?
  • Must I have IGA Membership?
  • What happens when I want to leave?
  • What if I miss a payment?


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