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How young should you REALLY start gymnastics?

It’s obviously pretty young right?  I mean they’ll never be an Olympian if they don’t get started early?

Yes, we think gymnastics (and all its related activities) is the BEST start into sport and indeed all movement.

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But it’s NOT to ensure they have a chance at the Olympics!  Not all children who participate in gymnastics will ever get this far. In fact very few do. That doesn’t mean that gymnastics is not for EVERYONE at ANY age. 

By teaching children from an early age, they learn that they can be successful at physical skills, it encourages them to be active and aware of what their bodies are doing and we feel that’s waaay more important.

At Affinity we teach skills through progressions. This allows children to gain confidence as they practise and progress through these skills.  Any physical activity has got to be fun first!  This love of movement translates into other sports as well as a lifetime positive relationship with activity – what better gift can you give your child. 

At such an early age being strong and flexible is important, it helps prevent injury and those every-day aches and pains. No sport gives an athlete the strength and flexibility that gymnastics does. Not only is this great for gymnastics, but it sets up development for every other sport as well.

Gymnastics can help them to develop social skills. From learning how to stand in line, look, listen, to focus when others are talking.  They learn to work and think independently, and be respectful.  They make friends and interact with other children, with older children helping their younger friends.

If you have any younger children you’ll be pleased to learn we have two BRAND NEW Pre-School classes on offer for you: TINY TOTS – Parent and Toddler Classes (Age 14mths-3yrs) and CHEER TOTS (Age 3-4yrs) for all those budding cheerleaders!  As well as our other amazing daytime Pre-school classes for ages 3-4 and our afterschool EXPRESS classes for ages 3-5yrs.  

We have more detailed information on each new class on our MEMBER HUB or pop us a message to if any of these may be of interest to you. 


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