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The Affinvitational is now closed for new entries.  

More details will be posted here for entrants.

The Affinvitational 2024

Sunday 30th June 2024


After a years break, The Affinity Invitational is making a comeback, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Your athletes have been working hard in their classes, they LOVE it, so this event is the perfect outlet to celebrate this. 

We started the Affinvitational back in 2016 and now we bring you our seventh event.

It came about from there being a gap in the opportunities for recreational gymnasts. Traditionally, gymnastics competitions can be a very formal affair.  No talking. No helping during performances. Long routines to remember. MEGA tenseness and competitiveness between competing gymnasts and clubs. Oh and of course the need to be training LOTS and LOTS of hours to have this outlet.  

That’s where Affinity comes in. We’re all about fun, kindness, and supporting each other, no matter what. And championing our recreational athletes to have an outlet for their training. So, the Affinity Invitational is our chance to shake things up. And I couldn’t be more proud to lead the charge in this way of competing.

So, drumroll please… Entries are officially OPEN for our 7th Affinvitational Competition on June 30th, 2024!

Read on for the FAQ’s for more info and follow the BOOK NOW button to get registered.

Can’t wait to see you there, ready to have fun and rock those routines!

Jennifer Page 

Affinity Founder and Chief Invitational Enthusiast


All gymnasts and parkour athletes in age banded classes: 4-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 10-12yrs and 13yrs+

Gymnasts will compete on floor and trampette. Floor consists of a short floor routine of a few skills, plus one of their choice (and we’ll help prompt or even do it with them if remembering it is a challenge). Trampette they will do two different shaped jumps or somersaults at the higher level. 

Parkour athletes will show a range of skills on the floor, plus two vault skills instead of trampette. They have different rules and judging methods that specifically suit Parkour. 

We’ll also include fun group warm ups and games before the end.  

​For parents, it’s a chance to see your child perform their skills in a friendly competition environment and support them in their sport. 

Everyone will receive a participation medal.

For our 4-6yr athletes, we’ll be giving them an introduction to ‘performance’ rather than competition, in a friendly, encouraging environment. they will not be judged with scores or rankings, but with a little fun twist i’m sure you’ll appreciate.

For those aged 7yrs upwards, it’s a chance to compete in a friendly and fun competition with the opportunity to win a medal if your score is one of the top three in your competing category. The rules are designed to make this straightforward. Coaches will help them to understand how to perform their best and build their confidence. 

Athletes will be broken up into equal competing groups (around 10-15 per group) by ages and ability.

Each piece of apparatus is judged separately, with the top three scores on each apparatus in each competing category being awarded with medals.

We focus on fun, friendship and building confidence.  Recreational gymnasts and athletes wouldn’t normally get the chance to take part in a competition and appreciate some of its amazing benefits.  But we make it less about ‘being the best’ and more about rewarding the achievement of getting up in front of spectators and performing. With a few aspects specific to us:

The MOST fun warm up ever – We like to have a dance – and get the audience to choose the track we use. It creates a fun atmosphere in the room to kick start the event in the right vibe and works as a great ice-breaker for the athletes.

We have Co-ed competing groups!  We see no reason why boys and girls at this level should be judged separately. We started this in 2019 and it’s been well received at each event. Everyone is combined into relevant age categories with both boys and girls together – after all, we’re all doing the same skills and train together, why should we compete separately?

Equal competing groups!  Up until now, gymnasts all across the world have competed in age groups split by one or more birth years. This can result in some very large competing categories in some years and some very small ones in others based on who enters – it’s uneven by nature. We’re not going to stay limited by this and instead, we’ll take everyone’s DOB, list all the gymnasts out then split into as equal as possible competing categories from there. We’re aiming for 10-15 gymnasts per category allowing each gymnast the same medal chances as anyone else.

Every competitor gets an Event t-shirt – you’ll have to wait to find out the colour, but we feel this helps cement their memories of their incredible day.

We have Celebration Ceremonies –  all the athletes get their moment at the end to be rewarded with medals.

We have a Bonus athletes choice skill!  At the end of each floor routine, the gymnasts are invited to perform one extra thing of their choice. This can be ANYTHING. A recognised gymnastics skill or something from another discipline – think ninja kicks, bendy dance skills, cheer stretches, even a great ending pose. All those cool things we like doing but you’d never (usually) put into a routine – do it here!   We’re looking for confidence, personality, fun and smiles and it gains bonus points only – no deductions. 

Professional photos with DE photo are back – and they are mega excited. Steve (their leader) says our competition is his most favourite one he’s been to (and he attends gymnastics events every month). He loves the fun and friendly atmosphere and us fabulous people there (well of course!) 

It’s the same format as previous years, but it was two years ago, so very likely yes you’ll be doing different skills.  Even if they are competing the same skills as a previous year, we feel its still a great experience and they will be able to show how they have improved. Plus, floor routines involve an athletes choice skill so this will absolutely be something new.

We’ll dedicate the two weeks before the event to practicing routines in class. However all the skills are ones they are likely familiar with and have been practicing in class in recent months. 

No, the day will be divided into rounds of competition. You’ll only need to be there for your athletes slot which will be around 2-3 hours long.  eg 3 rounds in the past in a day have been eg 9:30-12:00; 12:30-3:00 and 3:30-6:00pm.  

This is dependent on all the entries received; we aim to have this with you as soon as we can after the closing dates and definitely two weeks before the event.

Yes please do! And bring the family. You’ll need to buy spectator tickets nearer the time.

YES. We just need to choose which colour….

Not to compete, but we hope to have you present to perform a display.

Yes. We do have limited places for each age group and these will be accepted on a first come first served basis. So get entering now!

They can wear any combination of shorts, leggings, t shirts, or leotards. Whatever you have that you feel most comfortable in. 

That’s normal! We’ll help support you with this nearer the time but know that we’re pros with supporting everyone to feel comfortable.

Firstly, don’t panic! Our coaches will help and in this event they are allowed to talk the athlete through their performance. Hey if your child needs their coach to do the routine with them, we will! It’s about having a positive experience and showing what you can do, not about remembering it all perfectly.

Brilliant! We can’t wait for you to experience it. And yes your athlete will be ready – we’ll help!

The last day for entries is Tuesday 23rd May 2024.

Short answer – no. Once the closing date has passed our Affinity fairies work mega hard on organising everything and won’t be able to squeeze in latecomers.

We’d LOVE you to get involved! Drop us an email if you’d like to volunteer to help us run a great day. We’ll need help with things like scoring input, checking tickets on the door and potentially the most important job – the tea run.



Entry includes a special event t-shirt and costs £25.50

There’ll also be spectator tickets needed to purchase nearer the time.


You will be able to enter by simply logging into your online account before the closing date.

It’s easiest to do this on the LoveGymnastics App (Android or iphone)

After logging in, look under the CLASSES tab or button to select ‘The Affinity Invitational’ 2024 [30 June 2024]

Alternatively, follow the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below.

The Closing Date for entry is Thursday 23rd May

Please be aware, we have limits on how many athletes can take part in each age group – entrants will be accepted on a first come first served basis.


If you need some help navigating the app or web login, please  follow here for some useful tips.

What have other parents said about the invitational

What a wonderful time my daughter had. Thought it was well organised, fun and not as scary as she thought it would be! Feel really proud that she is part of Affinity, you are all amazing teachers, you have such great patience and really give her such encouragement to try challenging things. Thank you to you all! Look forward to next years competition.

My son had a great time. I think this competition is an excellent idea to give the beginners a chance to compete and show how great they are.

Over the moon!! Two very happy boys… very proud!!

The group warm up was great to watch and seemed to ensure that all the gymnasts really enjoyed it. Watching the actual event and seeing how well my daughter had developed.

Thank you so much a fabulous day on Sunday. Of course now my daughter really has the bug and wants to do more gymnastics! was so lovely to see all the children having such a great time and she glowed all afternoon. It's really given her a much needed confidence boost.

I thought how lovely it was that every gymnast received a certificate and were made to feel special. It had a very warm and welcoming family feel to the whole day.

Just seeing my child compete with her team mates and thoroughly enjoying the whole day. Despite not winning a medal she came away with the biggest smile.

It was so well organised. My daughter became really nervous when we arrived up until she took part. The staff were amazing with her and she left saying she couldn’t wait for next year.

You could see the gymnasts clearly (good view from stands). Liked the special awards at the end as this was very inclusive.

Help using the app

After Logging in you should see a similar screen to below, please then select the CLASSES button, NOT the Event button

Here you will find the Affinvitational, which can be selected by clicking the ‘tick’ and clicking next.
From here fill in your details and submit. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Payment will be taken automatically after this, and you will received an email from London & Zurich to confirm payment.

Help with web login

After Logging in you should see a similar screen to below, i.e. it is not displaying the classes in portrait mode.  If this is the case, please turn your phone sideways into landscape mode or ROTATE YOUR SCREEN – and look under the ‘Payment’ heading

Here you should then find the Affinvitational by scrolling along the left hand side under CLASSES, not Events, which can be selected by clicking it then selecting your athlete from the next screen.
From here fill in your details and submit. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Payment will be taken automatically after this, and you will received an email from London & Zurich to confirm payment.

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